We specialize in complete repair and rebuilds of Silver Bullet by Beall-ShirAul, but we can and will work on others.

  • Fabricate and replace tapered oscillating upper coupler
  • Fabricate and replace gate pins
  • Fabricate and replace timing arms
  • Complete gate rebuilds
  • Re-line hopper
  • Replace air cylinders and ears
  • Axle alignment
  • Suspension repair
  • Fender replacement on trailer
  • Fender replacement on dolly
  • Half and full bumper replacement
  • Install safety/windrow assemblies
  • Accident damage
  • Replace hopper cross members
  • Misc. aluminum welding
  • Lights and wiring
  • Dolly replacement
  • Drawbar replacement, drawbar hinge pins
  • Pin eye and coupler replacement


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